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Thor: Don't Kill Yourself Over It

The latest superhero 'biopic' reinforces great shocker that Hollywood's only in it for the money

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The point is, you don’t need any sudden infusions of Brit Shakespeare to make Anthony Hopkins ham it up in phony elevated lingo, he does that anyway; I bet he does it when he orders a beer. And there’s a long, long tradition of American hamming which assimilated Shakespeare long since, without any help from imported Brits. By Grabthar’s hammer, we can do this kind of crap in our sleep!

Thor‘s not entirely worthless, though. There are a few good things about it. For example, it’s so loud that if you happen to be preoccupied by something bad in your life, you can’t think about it while you’re in the theater. The  soundtrack is so deafening it drowns out your own thoughts, and the 3-D acts in concert by pushing out images to rest on your weary forehead like a compress. Very, very beneficial thing, if you look at it that way. Personally, I do tend to look at commercial entertainment that way; it’s there to provide relief for people preoccupied by bad things, for working class people with real problems who can’t stand thinking about them anymore.

And the movie has a working class hero, too: Heimdall, the Asgard gatekeeper (Idris Elba), who doesn’t talk very much, just stands there doing his job and having to take a lot of shit for it. He’s great.

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