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13 Conservative Myths About Taxes -- Debunked

Economic evidence disproves what conservatives think they know about taxes.

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By now the empirical evidence on tax cuts — what we know base on observation and  experience — should make what to do regarding taxes and tax cuts a "no brainer." What we know goes a long way towards proving what progressives have long thought on the subject, and disproving what conservatives have long thought they knew.

That brings me back to the quote from "And the Band Played On." I said earlier that in Washington, "What do we think? What do we know? What can we prove?" becomes "How can we prove what we think we know."

Actually, I think the screenwriters got it right. The reality in Washington is closer to the frustrated response of one doctor to the oft-repeated mantra: "The only thing we know for sure is that we don't know anything, which also happens to be the only thing we can prove."

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