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America's Outrage Over TSA Naked Body Scanners Fits Right into Libertarian PR Project to Prevent Workers from Unionizing

The right fears nothing more than unionized workers, and found a cunning way to scapegoat workers to derail a campaign to organize the TSA.

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O‘DONNELL:  So wait—so you—were you looking for trouble, John Tyner, when you went through that?


But after Tyner was caught hiding and destroying evidence that he’d deceived the public, he confessed:

about two weeks prior to my encounter with the TSAat the San Diego airport, I wrote a blog entry about the TSA. Don’t bother looking for it because I deleted it prior to posting my recollection of the events and the accompanying video. I don’t have any copies of it, either.

…When I posted my account and video of my encounter at San Diego, I also deleted the post in question. I thought that no one would believe that my encounter was not a set up if they knew…

To those of you who feel duped, I apologize.

* Tyner concealed his extremist rightwing ideology by posing as a progressive-libertarian. Since then, Tyner has made common cause with John Birchers and Neo-Confederate conspiracy theorist groups which have been denounced by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Specifically:

  • Tyner has an agreement with the far-right libertarian site to reprint Tyner’s blog entries. The SPLC has singled outthe Alabama-based site on several occasions in itsHate Watchand its Intelligence reports, criticizing the site for regularly espousing Neo-Confederate propaganda “on the rightwing fringe”
  • In his new home on the rightwing fringe, Tyner also positively citesthe works of ultra-rightwing John Birch Society blogger William Grigg, whose books have argued that Mexicans are trying to conquer and annex the American Southwest, and it’s all part of a UN-Ford Foundation plot to subjugate America to a one-world socialist government.Tyner hat-tips Grigg in one blog, comparing his epithets for government workers (“thugs”) to his hero Griggs’ epithet (“tax-feeders”).

* Tyner had portrayed himself as pro-gay marriage and drug legalization one of the main points seized upon by his supporters in the progressive/libertarian community. Here, for example, is Glenn Greenwaldattacking our first article by way of playing Tyner’s apparently-honorable pro-gay rights:

As for his standing accused by The Nation of suspicion on the grounds of his avowed libertarianism, consider what he wrote several weeks before the TSA incident.  In a post responding to this question — “When’s the last time you were seriously inconvenienced or injured by something that big government did?” – Tyner wrote:

Gayrights[infringements], TSAbody scannershighway checkpointsthe PATRIOT Actwarrantlesswiretapsextra-judicial assassinationsindefinite detentionsinflation, etc. Don’t tell me that (some of) these don’t affect me.   When one person’s rights are trampled, everybody’s are, and that’s just at the federal level.

What a right-wing monster!  If only Democratic Party leaders — who support most of the serious rights infringements he condemns — were this monstrous.

Glenn may want to take another look, because this year, Tyner has come out of the states’-rights closet to declare gay marriage a states-rights issue.He’s no longer posing as a Glenn Greenwald-friendly progressive-libertarian; instead, meet the old 50′s-era states’ rights George Wallace-r: “The point was not to advocate for legalization of gay marriage or marijuana use. Rather, it was to point out that democracy is not the cure-all that people believe it to be. Democracy will always be a tool by which a majority will oppress a minority and ultimately the individual.“ Yes, like Strom Thurmond and John C Calhoun, Tyner is also against democracy.


**NOTE 2: Editor's Note: On Tuesday May 3, a lawyer for the Rutherford Institute sent AlterNet a letter rejecting Ames and Levine's assertion in this article that Rutherford Institute president John Whitehead was a one-time Christian Reconstructionist, and that his outfit had "once advocated the death penalty for homosexuals." The lawyer wrote, "Neither The Rutherford Institute nor Mr. Whitehead, its president, have ever subscribed to Christian 'reconstructionist' ideologies. ... And the outrageous assertion that the Institute 'once advocated the death penalty for homosexuals" is clearly a complete fabrication." The lawyer went on to describe Mr. Whitehead as a "vocal opponent of the death penalty" who "has never advocated imposition of the death penalty on any person or persons," and that through the Rutherford Institute, Whitehead has provided pro bono legal representation for homosexual clients.

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