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Murdoch's News Corp Plays Both Sides of the Green Game

While Fox News promotes climate-change deniers, parent company News Corporation tries to look like a green-energy good guy.

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A University of Maryland study released last December found that those who "watched Fox News almost daily were significantly more likely than those who never watched it" to believe -- mistakenly -- that "most scientists do not agree that climate change is occurring."

According to Clay Ramsay, one of the authors of the study, "Among those who reported that they watch Fox News 'almost every day,' a higher 60% had these beliefs -- compared to 30% who said they never watch Fox News."

Asked about Rubenstein's comment at the Pew conference that "Fox News only reaches a few million" people, Ramsay told Media Matters, "It is possible that the characterization of the Fox News audience as 'a few million' is meaningful from the standpoint of advertisers focused on steady, loyal viewers. Another standpoint is to focus on people's sources for factual information. 

"In our study, 34% reported that they used Fox News as a news source 2 to 3 times a week or more.  Projected onto the US adult population (approximately 185 million), this is 63 million people."

News Corporation and Rubenstein did not respond to requests for comment.