Tea Party and the Right  
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7 Things to Do When Right-Wingers Attack

America's right-wingers have orchestrated an aggressive assault on those they consider to be their enemies. Well, we don't have to lay down and take it.

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Our side has to stop firing people just because they were subjects of criticism from the right. That just empowers the other side and highlights our weaknesses. It's long past time for us to stand up for ourselves and our own. And when we get hit, as we will, we need to hit back. We have a moral obligation to stand up for the principles that we share with the majority of the American people. And now we must augment that with the will to advance those principles even in the face of dishonest, dirty dealing by our opponents.

One more thing: have fun! There is no reason we can't pursue our goals with a positive demeanor that reflects our hopes and aspirations for a country that cares about its people and the people of the world.

Mark Howard is an artist and author and the publisher of News Corpse . His political and socially disruptive artwork has been displayed internationally.

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