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PA Government Official Compares Oscar-nominated Film 'Gasland' to Nazi Propaganda

What we need is a real scientific review of the harmful effects of gas drilling on the state and a statewide moratorium, not race baiting remarks.

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Since the release of GASLAND, we have been subject to many kinds of attacks, not only in writing, but in action. Our family home in Pennsylvania has been vandalized several times since the premiere of the film. Windows have been broken while I have been away touring the state, property has been looted and articles on the property have been set on fire. This kind of hateful despicable, demonizing speech can encourage the most vile impulses within people. To call my work "Nazi propaganda" is to dehumanize me and those working on the issue with great care and love for our community. I can only think that this kind of dehumanization makes us that more susceptible to attacks of every kind. No apology can make that alright. 

It is up to the Corbett administration to try to put this genie back in the bottle, fire Borawski and begin to entertain a rational dialogue on the issue. If Corbett fails to dismiss Borawski and put and end to the nose dive his administration seems hell bent on, we must conclude that he condones and indeed promotes this kind of behavior. If he fails to address this, we will be forced to acknowledge that this act of thuggery, bullying and despicable insensitivity is a hallmark of his approach to those who challenge his positions.

Josh Fox
Milanville, Pennsylvania

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