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PA Government Official Compares Oscar-nominated Film 'Gasland' to Nazi Propaganda

What we need is a real scientific review of the harmful effects of gas drilling on the state and a statewide moratorium, not race baiting remarks.

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Is there any excuse for employing this kind of hate speech?  

More disturbingly perhaps is Borawski's (and this the Corbett administration's) apparent enthusiasm for industry's projection of 130,000 to 180,000 gas wells in Pennsylvania.

By the Pennsylvania DEP's own account, one well out of 32 wells in Dimock caused an area of contamination that was nine square miles wide. From my experience and from the detailed reports of thousands of contamination cases across the country, and the industry's own track record of failure, Dimock is no exception. What does it mean for Pennsylvania if you replicate Dimock across the state? Do the math--If you multiply this contamination rate in Dimock by 130,000 gas wells, you have contaminated 35,000 square miles, more than three quarters of the state. In other words, you have contaminated the entire area covered by the Marcellus shale. Permanently.

Calling people Nazis has no place in our civic dialogue whatsoever. What we need is a real scientific review of the harmful effects of gas drilling on the state and a statewide moratorium on new drilling, leasing, permitting and fracking until all of the problems can be addressed, not race baiting remarks.

Is it impossible to imagine that the Corbett administration could engage in a serious rational debate on the issue? Corbett could call for a substantive independent cost-benefit analysis of what this much drilling would mean to our state. Corbett could pay attention to the fact that both the U.S. Congress AND the U.S. EPA are now investigating Hydraulic Fracturing due to the massive public outcry across the nation. Could the state legislature investigate the possible collusion between the state DEP and DCNR and the gas industry?

When Pennsylvania's homeland security director James Powers was found to be responsible for the characterization of people protesting gas drilling in the state as "terrorists" he resigned under great pressure. Borawski should resign. But more importantly, Corbett should fire him. Immediately. Otherwise it is clear that Corbett condones this kind of slander, bigotry and hate.

I was born into a mixed religious family. My father is Jewish and my Italian mother was raised Roman Catholic. My father and his parents were survivors of the holocaust. Everyone in his extended family was killed by the Nazis except for his two brothers and his mother and father and a few distant cousins. He grew up with the shadow of the Nazi genocide hanging over his head for his whole life. The first place the family went after fleeing Europe just after the war, was Pittsburgh. In my family, we know what this kind of rhetoric can do, if left unchecked and unpunished.

My father, Michael Fox, was so upset at Borawski's comments that he wrote the following statement:

"When I was young I spent so many years trying to overcome the devastation of the holocaust that engulfed my mother and our home. My grandparents, my aunts and uncles and so many of my cousins perished. I was robbed of my heritage as they were robbed more cruelly of their lives. My seven year-old brother was shot and lost sight in his eye in front of me when I was two by a youth who wanted to get himself a Jew. Living with the weight of hatred that hung suspended above and through my life, I needed to know that there were indeed good people left in the world, that there was hope for kindness and justice in the future of the world. Otherwise, how could I go on? It took me such a long time and so much struggle to believe my constant mantra that the world could be good. To have my son called a Nazi after what happened to our family, and when what he did was to raise the alarm to the poisoning of our water and our people, is heart-rending and it highlights how quickly and callously some forget man's inhumanity towards man and how some resort to cruel name calling and hatred when they have no other resources to justify their untenable and greedy positions."

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