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Arizona Immigration Bills Spark High-School Protests at State Capitol

Two pieces of legislation recently introduced in the Legislature could keep students from enrolling in kindergarten through 12th grade and ban their access to higher education.

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More student protests and walkouts are expected throughout next week, when Pearce is expected to put the bills up for a Senate floor vote.

“Students Are the Future”

“It matters that we are here and we know why,” said Ana, who hopes to attend college one day and become a psychologist. She said she wishes she could help her undocumented parents, who earn a living by cleaning offices at night. Her eyes fill with tears when she thinks about them, but she knows she can only ensure a better future for her family if she gets an education.

“The students in high school are the future,” said Ana. “This is about babies that haven’t even been born yet, coming to a place of hate.”

Valeria Fernández is an independent journalist in Phoenix, Arizona. She worked for La Voz Newspaper for the past six years covering the immigration beat. The National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP) named her the 2004 Latina Journalist of the Year. In 2005, NAHP recognized her sustained coverage of Proposition 200, Arizona’s first immigration law.

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