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Rachel Maddow: Koch Brothers 'Pop Up In Every Scummy Political Scandal'

The Kochs are everywhere, says Maddow, chronicling the brothers' recent efforts to push the conservative agenda.

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Robinson: I think they can try. But I think what people have to do is look at what they’re actually doing. Now, it wasn’t a real Koch brother talking to Governor Scott Walker for example, it was a fake Koch brother, but I think people will start looking at things like independent expenditures, in connection with the Koch brothers. Because now that we know they’re doing all this stuff, let’s see if it's all on the up-and-up. Even post- Citizens United, there are rules.

Maddow: Congressman Pompeo has a long history with the Koch brothers. They not only helped him get elected, they helped him get rich by investing in a firm that he founded. Do we yet have a sense of who the Koch brothers' caucus is in Congress? Obviously Mark Pompeo is the chairman, Scott Brown is a ranking member, but are there others -- we are getting a sense of who they influence.

Robinson: We certainly don’t have a full sense, but I think we’ll be trying to put together that database, and maybe even put it online someday along with the other databases that they want to keep offline. That’s an amazing story.

Maddow: Consumer products safety. It’s unbelievable.

Robinson: We can’t have that. We can’t have that, Rachel.

Maddow: Not if the Koch brothers say we can’t. Not in America.

Robinson: Absolutely. Now you understand.

Maddow: Eugene Robinson, MSNBC political analyst. Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for the Washington Post. It’s great to see you, Gene. Thank you for being here.

Robinson: Great to be here, Rachel.

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