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How Politicians Are Using 911 Emergency Services to Scam Millions of Consumers

Raiding 911 funds is an easy way for politicians to scoop up loose cash -- far easier than taxing the rich.

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President Obama and other politicians have bemoaned the state of the nation's infrastructure. Obama has championed high-speed national broadband network, especially serving the woefully underserved rural America.

The president failed to identify the nation's 911 services as an infrastructure service that needs attention. The Congressional Research Office warned that the nation's 911 services are antiquated, analog systems in a digital age. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) proposed the Next Generation 911 Initiative to help define the system architecture and develop a transition plan to establish a digital, Internet Protocol (IP)-based foundation for the delivery of multimedia 911 services.

Republican and Democratic governors and legislatures across the country are plundering state coffers for cash to fill gaping budgetary shortfalls. Raiding 911 monies is an easy way to scoop up loose cash, far easier then taxing the rich. Sitting in their bricked-walled statehouses, what do these pols care about the plight of emergency accident victims scattered helplessly throughout their states? And for Copps' warning, when does a pol really honestly explain anything?

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