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'Anonymous' Hacker Group Teaches Shady Cyber-Security Companies a Lesson They'll Never Forget

An apparent coalition of hackers is hitting targets with surprising speed and accuracy -- and it looks like it's just the beginning.

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In the final analysis, Anonymous may be a far-flung coalition of teen hackers looking to balance the powers-that-be's often uneven playing field. But like the whistle-blowing Wikileaks, it has hit its targets with alarming speed and accuracy. The HBGary fiasco, whose tentacles snake into the hallowed halls of politics and finance, feels like the beginning of an uneasy relationship, for those who champion informational transparency and online civil disobedience. Because if Wikileaks and Anonymous think that Bank of America, the Chamber of Commerce, Hunton & Williams or even the Department of Justice, which recommended the heavyweight law firm to Bank of America's General Counsel, is finished its attack, it's got quite another thing coming. 

But judging by its recently hilarious pranks and preemptive security hacks, it's probably already prepared for the cyberwar that is perhaps on its way.

Scott Thill runs the online mag His writing has appeared on Salon, XLR8R, All Music Guide, Wired and others.

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