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In the End, Obama Stood Up to the Push by Israel and American Neocons to Stand with Mubarak in Egypt

The “realists” and the Israelis were pushing the administration to hold back the forces of change in Egypt.

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Certainly, with the 2012 election season already underway, Obama and his advisers are carefully tracking the political winds. Whether they are willing to take the political risk of following Friedman’s advice depends largely on whether it seems politically safe. That, in turn, depends on public opinion. The changes in Egypt will spur right-wingers to ratchet up their campaign to resist U.S. pressures on Israel. The question is whether progressives, who have largely given up on an Obama-led peace process, will now return to the fray.

Ira Chernus is professor of religious studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Read more of his writing on Israel, Palestine, and American Jews on his blog:

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