Tea Party and the Right  
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Right-Wing Disunity? Clashes at This Year's Conservative Political Action Conference

If there was any unifying theme to this year's conference, it was conflict between different factions on the Right.

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In truth, the Right's attack on Soros has become a frantic barrage since progressive media outlets began exposing the role of the Kochs in advancing the thuggery of right-wing activists at the August 2009 congressional town-hall meetings. So far, the Right's attack on Soros, as advanced by Koch water-carrier Glenn Beck, exists largely of a falsification of Soros' personal story of surviving the Holocaust, dressed up in language drawn from Mein Kampf.

In Breitbart's version of the progressive protest, he appears as a heroic figure on roller blades, occupying a "DMZ" between "riot police" and rowdy protesters whom he described as "intimidating." Most interesting, perhaps, was how Breitbart's remarks demonstrated the degree to which the women of CodePink have gotten under his skin. Another of his heroic exploits, as he described them, was a protest he says he staged outside the home of CodePink co-founder Jodie Evans during a fundraiser she hosted for California Gov. Jerry Brown during the election campaign.

The women of CodePink, Breitbart said, are "tedious at this point, and boring."

"They're not even good-looking anymore," Breitbart complained. "It used to be like they were kind of slutty lefties who I could imagine at a party," he said, waving his hands in such a way as to lead one to wonder just what he was imagining himself doing at the same hypothetical party. "They're getting long in the tooth," said the paunchy entrepreneur.

Breitbart portrayed the slogan, "No justice, no peace," as a violent threat, and said of the progressives gathered outside the Koch event, "They're not American; they're animals." The room erupted in applause.

Before the conference ended, Breitbart was served on site with papers notifying him he was being sued by Shirley Sherrod, the subject of a smear campaign launched on one of Breitbart's Web sites. Last summer Breitbart aired selectively edited video designed to make Sherrod, an African American who was then a USDA official, appear to be advocating racism when, in fact, she was telling of her personal journey away from prejudice.

Meanwhile, in the exhibit hall, the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation had its own booth promoting an internship for college students, as well as a career-development program for young professionals. A flyer for the internship program, called Liberty Rocks, features a photograph of an electric guitar with a sticker on it that reads, "I [Heart] HAYEK." Friedrich von Hayek authored The Road to Serfdom, a 1943 book hawked by Glenn Beck. "Gain experience in a substantive role within a think tank, policy institute, or grassroots organization that works to advance liberty," the flyer reads. Estimated translation: Get your start at the Cato Institute, the American Enterprise Institute or Americans for Prosperity -- all beneficiaries of the Kochs' largess.

Allen West (the Other Black Guy) Wraps Up Conference

Rep. Allen West wrapped up the final evening of this year's Conservative Political Action Conference with a sternly delivered speech that offered little that was new, but rather a laundry list of right-wing complaints, laments and threats familiar to all in attendance.

As a reminder of his own military background, West began by inviting up to the stage a young army officer, Sgt. Jason Albans, who trains those who guard the Tomb of the Unknowns. "The reason I'm here is because I have a bigger fear for my future than I did with the fear that I felt back in Baghdad," Albans said. "I believe in the colonel," he said, speaking of West.

A retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army, West was relieved of his command for his abuse of a detainee in Iraq. For the Tea Party crowd, that's not exactly a minus. In fact, tonight West asserted that he has a "problem with imprisoning our own warriors for killing terrorists."