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The Woman Behind 'Craigslist Congressman' Chris Lee's Downfall

What started out as a laugh turned into a resignation for the New York Republican.

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TheLoop21: When you wrote him back and forth, what did you two talk about?

Anonymous: Basic conversations. If he’s ever met anyone from Craigslist before. If he was married. If he had any kids.

[Lee told her he was "divorced," but had a son. Lee is actually still very much married.]

TheLoop21: Did you tell anyone about him? Did you show anyone the pictures?

Anonymous: I did. I showed several of the photos to two friends at lunch of all the different men who were emailing me. One friend in particular thought he looked “distinguished.”

TheLoop21: When did you start to get suspicious?

Anonymous: I didn’t suspect anything was up. I’m inquisitive. I figured I’d snoop to see if he had a Facebook page. I didn’t expect to see anyting out of the normal. So I copied and pasted his email in Facebook and came across his page. Then I saw that his employer was listed as the United States Congress. He said he was a lobbyist. That’s when I Googled his name.

TheLoop21: What were you thinking as you realized he was in Congress?

Anonymous: First reaction was holy sh*t. Second was, he’s probably done this before. Third was, he’s married. Fourth was, oh my God he's 46-years-old.

[Lee had originally told Anonymous he was in his late 30s.]

TheLoop21: Did you tell anyone?

Anonymous: Yes. I told [a close friend]. She was like holy sh*t. Then we investigated further, found his personal Facebook page and we were able to confirm through his friends list that he was the real deal.

Anonymous: My friend said I should give it to Gawker, but I did not want to be exposed. I wanted to remain anonymous, but she assured me Gawker would keep me anonymous.

TheLoop21: How did it all go down with Gawker?

Anonymous: I told Gawker last week, so a couple weeks had passed, three weeks almost. I didn’t tell Gawker immediately.

TheLoop21: How did Gawker get in touch with you?

Anonymous: Through [a friend].

TheLoop21: What was going through your mind just as the story was about to go public?

Anonymous: I was excited, but nervous hoping that I could remain anonymous.

TheLoop21: What did you think of Gawker's story?

Anonymous: I didn’t appreciate being called a middle-aged woman but besides that it was great. [Laughs] Thirty-four is not middle-aged.

TheLoop21: What did you think about Lee's story that his account was hacked?

Anonymous: I figured bullsh*t.

That was their way of cleaning up the situation and we assumed he would say that anyway.

TheLoop21: Did you ever expect that he would resign?

Anonymous: Not at all. That was the least of what I would expected to happen.

TheLoop21: Where were you when you found out he resigned and how did you find out?

Anonymous: I was out on a date. I went on Twitter and found out he resigned. And then I received an email from Gawker.

TheLoop21: What do you think about all this, the end result? Do you feel bad about what happened to Congressman Lee?

Anonymous: No. Chances are he’s probably met more women online and you know, cheaters eventually get caught. He didn’t have to resign. He made that choice himself.

TheLoop21: Why do you think he resigned?

Anonymous: Probably a bigger picture. Emails were exchanged. Something bigger is going on in his background. You never get caught the first time.

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