Tea Party and the Right  
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11 of the Tea Party GOP's Most Ridiculous Policy Ideas (So Far)

They came to power promising to solve America's problems, but in the early going they've focused on firing up their hard-right base with frivolous bills.

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“Stopping Hitler was worth the price," he added, because washing dishes for crappy wages in your local diner is just like invading Poland.

Governance by People Who Believe Government Is the Problem

There you have it – some of the most fatuous and muddle-headed proposals floating around on the far right today. It's not a comprehensive list, however – several other measures were excluded due to space limitations.

These are clearly designed to be popular with people who don tri-corner hats and fancy themselves modern revolutionaries. But it's striking just what a frivolous waste of time these measures really are. The majority of them will never make it into law; some face a guaranteed veto and still others would surely be overturned by the courts after cash-strapped states wasted a fortune litigating them.

With all this grandstanding, one might conclude that we didn't face any real problems for these pols to tackle.

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