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CodePink's Response to the Controversy in Cairo

The facts behind CodePink's day-long project to show support for the Egyptian movement.

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Indeed this is how the Egyptian government is spinning the story.  But we know this isn’t the truth, and this is a learning moment for movement-building. Despite allegations by Glenn Beck and others that the millions of pro-democracy demonstrators are led by militants, extremists (and codepinkers!), in fact they are predominately young people sick and tired of being unemployed in a repressive police state. As an Egyptian woman wrote to Medea: “The protestors are being supplied food and given medical support through generous civil society donations. …What the protestors need is the exposure of the atrocities that are taking place. … To show the world what this regime is doing until now is the biggest help.”

An Inspiring Movement by the Egyptian People

Medea wrote to the CODEPINK team on Sunday evening, February 6:  “Just got back at 11:30 PM from the square, where thousands upon thousands are still there--singing, talking, sleeping, praying. … I am so grateful to behold this, as it will stay with me the rest of my life. … everywhere I walked tonight, people came up to say, ‘Thank you, thank you for being here, for supporting us, for showing solidarity.’ … It's an old government trick to try to divide people and turn solidarity into something negative. But it is really a beautiful sentiment, and an essential part of what it means to be human.”

Acclaimed Egyptian novelist Ahdaf Soueif sent Medea this message: "Something wonderful is being born here: an inclusive, grassroots, democratic movement which is - even in this time of extreme crisis - enacting ideals of non-violence, creativity, courtesy, public service… what can I say? This revolution is not just Egyptian; it belongs to everyone in the world who believes in the possibility of a better way for us all to live together." 

Jodie Evans is a co-founder of Codepink: Women For Peace .

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