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Worse Than "Personhood," Ohio "Heartbeat" Bill Could Be a Total Abortion Ban

Misleading billboards claim that “Abortion Stops a Beating Heart." But now Ohio anti-choicers some are using that “beating heart” to attempt to sneak in a total abortion ban.

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Can such a bill pass in the state, and would it hold up in court? Although Ohio has had strong anti-choice legislature for years, Democratic Governor Ted Strickland had been able to maintain some balance via veto power. Now, with a Republican in the governor’s mansion, that final check to the anti-abortion activists is gone.

Porter claims that the “Heartbeat” bill will be introduced the week of Valentine’s Day. Should that happen, pro-choice advocates in the state are already preparing to use whatever leverage they have to try and defeat it, both for the sake of women in Ohio, and women throughout the country. It’s clear that if the “Heartbeat” bill gets passed, copy-cat legislation will pop up in other states next, just as mandatory ultrasounds, waiting periods and “fetal pain” bans are springing up throughout the U.S. Sitting back and hoping that new, restrictive abortion bans won’t spread if we just ignore them is no longer an option.

“This isn't politics,” said Kellie Copeland, of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio. “This is serious. This is women's health. This is the real deal. If you've been waiting on the sidelines, it's time to get off. “