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78-Year-Old Threatened With Death After Glenn Beck Attack Fears Violence: "It Only Takes One Person Who Is a Little Deranged"

"It's a big county and there's all kinds of people.," said progressive writer Frances Fox Piven in response to the violent rhetoric launched her way after being targeted by Beck.

The racket Frances Fox Piven heard in the middle of the night last weekend sounded like someone pounding on the front door of the small, isolated house she calls home in the Hudson Valley, north of New York City.  Startled and awaken from her sleep, Piven, who had plenty of reason to feel on edge, pondered her next move. 

A City University of New York professor and scholar of grassroots activism, the 78-year-old Piven has been the target of relentless Glenn Beck attacks. For an entire year now the Fox News talker has been pushing a tangled conspiracy theory that puts Piven, and her late husband, fellow academic Richard Cloward, at the center of an all-powerful left-wing movement to “collapse” the United States economy and government -- a devious collapse designed to allow President Obama to radically transform the country, according to Beck.

The talker’s basis for the dark attacks date back to a Nation essay Piven and Cloward wrote 45 years ago. And as part of his misinformation campaign, Beck has repeatedly demonized Piven, denouncing her as an “ enemy of the Constitution” and someone who wants to “destroy America.” Piven has become a star player in Beck’s rogue gallery of treacherous, all-powerful (often Jewish) liberals, seeking to eliminate the American way of life.

Beck’s fans have recently taken notice of Piven. On a website Beck runs, The Blaze, which also traffics in the Piven smear campaign, readers began posting lurid threats against the elderly academic. “ONE SHOT...ONE KILL!" announced one. "Why is this woman still alive?" asked another. And this particularly shocking threat: "Maybe they should burst through the front door of this arrogant elitist and slit the hateful cow's throat."

The warnings prompted the Center on Constitutional Rights to write Fox News chairman Roger Ailes, urging him to stop Beck from portraying Piven as a terrorist, and falsely accusing her of advocating political violence. “You can stop the reckless endangering of the safety of Professor Piven,” the Center wrote.

Through it all, Piven has watched with a growing sense of amazement, as well as guardedness. “It only takes one person who is a little deranged to take such rhetoric and make it real,” Piven told Media Matters in an interview. “It’s a big county and there’s all kinds of people. And there are also right-wing guerilla groups who have a kind of culture, or code, of death and it may prod them into action.”

The paranoid theories Beck is pushing have a “frightening potential,” she warns, coming as they do against the backdrop of the Tucson gun massacre.

This past weekend, Piven returned to her remote, Hudson Valley home for the first time since the steady stream of death threats began appearing online. But this time Piven brought a friend along with her. Since Piven has been elevated to public enemy status, companionship is now considered a must. “There are no other houses around. There’s no loving soul,” she explained.

Piven has been in contact with law enforcement about the threats to her life and on Friday she met with New York state troopers who were made aware of the situation and promised to have police cars circle by the widow’s house from time to time.

All of that was on Piven’s mind when the loud noise outside her home suddenly woke her in the middle of the night. “My first impulse was to run into the room where my friend was sleeping. But I thought that’s silly,” said the professor. “So I came downstairs and I checked all the doors and there was nobody at the door. I finally realized a very large icicle had crashed down. My reaction to that crashing sound, by immediately thinking it was a banging on the door, was certainly influenced by all the of the death threats.”

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