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Are Older Women More Sexually Adventurous Than 20-Somethings?

A new study reveals the somewhat surprising information that older women are more likely to have sex on a first date than younger ones. Why?

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Whether it’s that distant call of our '70s youth, our biological clocks, or our gratifying comfort with ourselves, we older ladies are pretty sexually aggressive. We may not all be cougars…but we can be tigresses.

“Women in their 40s love sex,” Kylstra writes, noting that this group was “the most likely to have had an orgasm during their most recent sexual encounter (86 percent).”

Kylstra quotes Dr. Helen Fisher, biological anthropologist, author, and one of my personal favorite thinkers on the subject of romance, who says the boldness of women in their 40s – in all areas of life – is the result of hormones: both estrogen and testosterone drop in our early 40s but testosterone drops less. Also "A woman in her 40s is, for the most part, relieved of the worry of having babies, so she can be more relaxed about sex and have it more often," Fisher says.

I can vouch for this one, too. Once I got past 45 and decided for sure I was not going to have kids, I felt much more free and secure, which is better for sex – and everything else.

What’s great about this story is that while it’s a survey meant to tap into the consciousness of groups of women it also shows that maybe we’re not that easily classified after all. Younger women have a better body image in one survey but not another. Some older women just want a little fun, some want commitment. It’s hard to survey the nuances that really make up our lives, but it sure is fun to think about them.

It also shows that the mirror pop culture offers us is a little blurry. Not all young women are Girls Gone Wild. Not all older women are prowling cougars. Maybe we look at sex the same way we look at the Cooking Channel. Just because we like the shows it doesn’t mean we’re all following the recipes.

Liz Langley is a freelance writer in Orlando, FL.

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