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How Glenn Beck's Twisted Worldview Goads Disturbed People into Acts of Violence

Glenn Beck’s inflammatory rhetoric has been tied to a number of violent attacks and threats against Beck's targets and other public figures.

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Beck is even promoting his novel The Overton Window by claiming that its conspiratorial plot to frame a Tea Party-like group in a violent attack is about to come true, with Beck himself as the one about to be framed. He cited a phrase in Tides Foundation founder Drummond Pike's letter to Fox News advertisers -- "no one ... wants to see another Oklahoma City"-- and claimed, "They are setting up another Oklahoma City. They are claiming that one is coming. And they've already marked the one who caused it."

Beck Predicts His Own Martyrdom

Beck has repeatedly suggested that the biggest targets of his criticism -- President Obama and philanthropist George Soros -- may be planning to have him killed. Last year he said, "[Y]ou can shoot me in the head ... but there will be 10 others that line up." Beck claimed that "the most powerful people on the planet on the left" were "not going to go away easy" because "[t]his game is for keeps. This is who controls the United States of America and its destiny." He asked his listeners to "please keep me in your prayers, keep my staff in your prayers, for safety, for wisdom," adding, "Just pray for protection, please." [ The Glenn Beck Program, 9/8/09]

Back in March, it was the Obama administration: "For those of you in the administration, who are coming after me ... remember, you've broken three [of the 10 Commandments], let's not make it four; thou shalt not kill." [ Glenn Beck, 3/23/10]

During his recent prolonged attack on Soros, he said “I do have a bulletproof car, George. I just want you to know.” He also said to Soros, "You can gun me down in the street, I'm not shutting up." He said that he had upgraded his home security "two days before the George Soros show."

He warned his viewers that a recent Soros gift to National Public Radio was “a bounty on my head” and announced, “This may be it for me.” He even portrayed himself in cosmic good-and-evil terms, intoning, “Strike me down, Vader, strike me down,” a reference to the Star Wars movie series implying that his legacy would be even stronger if he were martyred.

The U.S. itself is at risk

As inflammatory as all Beck’s previous charges have been, perhaps his most violence-inciting charge is that Obama and his allies are actually seeking the destruction of the Constitution and the United States itself. In one show he portrayed the president pouring gasoline on the American people and lighting it on fire, and warned that Obama was “closing Gitmo and letting the terrorists onto the streets.”

Last summer he warned that “the republic is in danger” and that "the American way of life is being systematically dismantled and destroyed." [ The Glenn Beck Program, 8/5/09]

In January he warned, “Our Constitution, our republic -- if it survives -- it will only survive because the people are waking up and through the grace of God, because we are that close to losing our republic.” [ The Glenn Beck Program, 1/20/10]

In May he suggested that Obama is "trying to destroy the country" and is pushing America toward civil war. [ The Glenn Beck Program, 5/19/10]

And just this month he said that all the nation’s enemies are uniting to “destroy the United States of America.” He has described the main goal of Soros-funded progressive organizations as “the overthrow of the United States government and the collapsing of the dollar.”

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