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5 Awards For the World's Most Heinous Climate Villains

As the world heats up and extreme weather increases there are a bunch of high-profile people who just don't get it, are handsomely rewarded not to get it, or both.

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In another unconscionable act of public relations, BP ordered the use of the toxic dispersant Corexit-banned in Britain -- while failing to equip cleanup crews with respirators. As BP was busy shutting out journalists, and death washed onto Gulf shores, Tony was playing the "demonized and vilified" yacht enthusiast, saying that he just "wanted his life back."

Tony Hayward

Corporate Teats: Began as a geologist for BP, but worked his way up to CEO by cutting costs, earning the devotion of BP shareholders even as spills and accidents increased.

Most Egregious Lie: "I think BP's response to this tragedy has been a model of good social corporate responsibility."

Comeuppance: Orifices shot full of rubber scraps, mud and golf balls.

David Lesar, Halliburton CEO

Misdeeds: Oversees a company whose missions are to bribe politicians, screw taxpayers, and subcontract work to the lowest, most incompetent bidder. Faulty work by subsidiary KBR in Iraq led to the electrocution of US soldiers while they were taking showers. Charged $45 a case for Coca Cola in Iraq and $100 for a load of laundry. Halliburton knowingly used faulty cement on the Deepwater Horizon, which was a major cause of the explosion, but such is their juice in DC that even Obama is still handing them no bid contracts, even though they moved their headquarters to Dubai.

Corporate Teats: Halliburton's main teat is the Defense Department (the largest consumer of fossil fuels in the world), so the Gulf explosion was part of the company's secondary operations. Killing and environmental mayhem are their main business interests.

Most Egregious Lie: "Will things go wrong? Sure they will; it's a war zone. But when they do, we'll fix it. We always have...We're serving our troops because of what we know, not who we know." -- from an '06 Halliburton PR video

Comeuppance: Encased up to his neck in Halliburton "foam" cement, and ordered to fix faulty shower wiring with his teeth.

 **Correction: The association between Watts and “pro smoking researchers at the Heartland Institute” was tenuous.   Heartland does indeed support Watts, but there appears to be no direct link between those Heartland researchers who work on tobacco issues and contact persons for Watts. Regarding the statement in the article about the Temperature Stations Project, we stated that “Anthony instantly dropped the project with no mention of his error, and began shouting ‘Climategate.’” This was generally true based on coverage at his blog wattsupwiththat.com, but, unbeknownst to the authors, temperature stations have been continually addressed at his other site:   gallery.surfacestations.org/main.php. Watts’ continued concerns about distortions from improperly located temperature monitoring stations have been thoroughly debunked at NOAA, Skeptical Science, and SUNY Suffolk.

Michael Roddy graduated with honors from Berkeley, and has written numerous magazine articles and Congressional testimonies on environmental and construction issues. He currently owns and operates a small hotel energy management company, with offices in Seattle, Napa, and Yucca Valley, California. Mike can be reached at mike.greenframe@gmail.com. Ian Murphy did these here doodles, and he's the editor of The BEAST .

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