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10 Phony Scandals the GOP May Waste Your Tax Dollars Investigating

Get ready for a reprise of the Clinton wars, as House Republicans investigate everyone who's ever walked by the White House.

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Of course, that wasn’t so much a reflection of the media’s pro-Mexican-invasion bias, as it was the fact that the entire story was complete nonsense, as every local law enforcement agency was quick to clarify. 

It’s unlikely that the Invasion of Laredo will merit a Congressional probe -- it may well be too far out there. But the larger narrative of rampant criminality spilling over the border with Mexican immigration is another story.

The reality is that there has been zero evidence of a drug-fueled violent crime wave along the border. The opposite is true: the Southern border region is one of the safest areas in the United States. But last year, Lamar Smith urged the House Judiciary Committee to hold hearings on “the surge in drug-related violence on the U.S.-Mexico border” that he “attributed to Mexican drug cartels, fighting turf battles and competing to control the U.S. drug trade markets.”

Smith will no doubt see his wish fulfilled in the coming Congress.

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