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6 of Glenn Beck's Most Paranoid, Dangerous Attacks on Progressives

From smearing progressive funder George Soros to visionary Van Jones, Beck reveals his dark impulses and abhorrence for social justice.

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3. Richard Trumka

Beck has recently waged a series of airwave attacks on Trumka, head of the AFL-CIO. Media Matters recounts Beck's latest attack, based on the flimsiest of evidence. On November 15, "on his Fox News show, Glenn Beck launched an attack on the AFL-CIO and its president, Richard Trumka, claiming that the 'Communist Party USA is admitting to the party's working relationship with Richard Trumka ... and the AFL-CIO.' Beck reprised his attack this morning on 'Fox & Friends,' during a rant about Democrats being 'controlled by radicals and revolutionaries' as well as 'communists.' The blog posting's source was an amateur podcast with no direct quotation. Trumka responded that 'Beck is so out of it.'"

4. Tides Foundation

Before Byron Willams tried to launch his deadly attacks, Beck had referred to Tides as “bullies” and “thugs” whose mission is to “warp your children's brains and make sure they know how evil capitalism is.” He showed an appalling lack of remorse after the Williams incident. Glenn Beck taunted, "Uh-oh. Did you guys think I wouldn't talk about it anymore? Uh-oh. Look who's wrong."

As Media Matters reported, Beck " repeatedly attacked Tides, its CEO, and founder Drummond Pike, and the 'dirtbag[s]' connected to Tides. Tides, Beck said, is responsible for 'anti-capitalist propaganda movies' to 'indoctrinate people in their schools' and in their churches. Glenn Beck's raging has offered ample ammunition for advertiser boycotts that Tides has successfully pushed, along with other progressive groups. Tides CEO Drummond Pike called on advertisers to stop supporting Fox News, noting that "businesses that pay to broadcast commercials on Fox News are subsidizing Glenn Beck's television show by continuing to pump money into the network," adding, "It has become clear that the only way to stop supporting Beck is to stop supporting Fox News."  Media Matters and People for the American Way joined in calling on major advertisers to stop supporting the network.

5. Frances Fox Piven

Glenn Beck has been a leader in a paranoid right-wing crusade against a visionary writer and sociologist in her late 70s, Frances Fox Piven. Beck believes that a Nation article by Piven and her late husband Richard Cloward in1966 on ending poverty is the left-wing blueprint for takeover and attacked her repeatedly on his show. Beck summed up his mad theory:

"Cloward-Piven starts with the idea that there is a wide gap between the entitlements that poor people are eligible for and the entitlements that they are actually collecting. They say getting everybody on to the welfare rolls will wipe out poverty and the only way to accomplish that is through a massive multi-city education campaign making heavy use of the media. So, once the poor know that they're eligible and start to sign up, what happens next? In their own words, "a crisis." A crisis that starts in the cities that would rapidly spread to a nationwide level and force the government to move quickly to create a new program for direct income distribution: Marxism. Wait a minute — community organizations overwhelming the system that would lead to a massive redistribution of wealth? Gee, where have I heard that before? That's Cloward-Piven strategy in a nutshell."

Attacks on Piven were echoed by other right-wing media outlets, including Andrew Breitbart. Writes Piven in response to the attack campaign, "[T]he impulse to dismiss lunatic charges by the Right in the hopes they will go away is a mistake. They aren’t going away because the attacks are effective. What we should do instead of ducking is rally to the defense of the individuals and groups that are under assault, and we should do that aggressively, proudly, even joyfully because we are standing with what is best in American politics, and especially with the social movements from below that have sometimes humanized our society. That is what drives the Right crazy, and it is also what should make us proud."