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Hightower: How Wal-Mart, Google and Other Corporate Giants Are Trying to Trick Progressive Consumers

Large corporations are trying to put on a progressive face. Don't be fooled.

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Before GOP leaders give in, they should recall the words of George W., the guy who enabled the first scam. "Fool me once, shame on -- shame on you," he said.

"Fool me -- you can't get fooled again."

Of course, it's us taxpayers who'll get shafted by this corporate tomfoolery.


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Jim Hightower is a national radio commentator, writer, public speaker, and author of the new book, " Swim Against the Current: Even a Dead Fish Can Go With the Flow ." (Wiley, March 2008) He publishes the monthly " Hightower Lowdown ," co-edited by Phillip Frazer.

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