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Revolution at a Snail's Pace: How the Slow Food Movement Is Tackling Our Biggest Food Problems

The organization is working to shed its image as a pleasure-based club of a privileged few who have the time to linger for hours at the dining table.

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At Youth Food's final meeting Petrini told the group, " and food culture [has] become an expression of power...[has] become a rediscovery of people's relationship with the landscape ... We're not just talking about food and agriculture, we're talking about spirituality."

The excitement generated, the information exchanged, and the networking that transpired at Terra Madre all conspired to invigorate a community that's driven to create real change. The snail may be the Slow Food mascot, but I left Terra Madre believing that what happened there will expedite the pace of real change in the food systems of the world.

Ari LeVaux writes a syndicated weekly food column, Flash in the Pan.

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