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The Writing on the Wall: Calendar Portrays America's Longest War

Sometimes it takes a picture to drive home the the human suffering and the outright absurdities wrought by our 40-year-old war on drugs.

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The assault on American citizens, however, has persisted. Bloomberg oversaw a higher rate of low-level marijuana arrests than any mayor in New York City history. Obama, despite advocating for reforms – such as reducing the crack/powder sentencing disparity, ending the ban on federal funding for syringe exchange programs, and supporting state medical marijuana laws – has yet to shift drug war funding to a health-based approach.

Today, the momentum behind drug policy reform is unprecedented. A growing movement across the country and around the world is working to end the drug war and apply the principles of science, compassion, health and human rights to our drug policies. This captivating 2011 calendar will stimulate discussion and bring the little-known history of the drug war to light. There’s something in here that you didn’t already know – we guarantee it!

Jag Davies is publications manager for the Drug Policy Alliance .

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