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New Evidence Links BP to Health Crisis in the Gulf

Severe headaches, nausea, respiratory problems, burning eyes and throat, earache and chest pains -- and that's just the beginning.

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Meanwhile, in addition to their health issues, many of the fishermen have lost their ability to earn a living.

"They don't know whether they're going to have a job fishing or shrimping or crabbing in the next year or how many years they won't have a livelihood," Subra said.

As a consequence, she is seeing a spike in depression developing in these communities, including a number of suicides, and more and more coastal residents under suicide watch.

What about BP's $20 billion compensation fund?

Subra finds it "inadequate," pointing out that those who worked for BP during the cleanup are supposed to have their earnings subtracted from whatever compensation they wind up receiving.

For that reason, she's certain the money leftover won't be nearly enough to address their lost wages and livelihood as well as their related health problems.

Besides, Subra concluded, "No amount of money can make up for this."