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Election 2010: What it Means for the Climate, Clean Energy and all Things Green

To be blunt: It's not going to be good. At all. Besides a few silver linings here and there, the results paint a pretty grim outlook.

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The Good News?
Yes, there is nonetheless some good news: Namely, that California voters struck down the big oil-funded Prop 23 that would have overturned the state's climate law -- and they struck it down resoundingly. In fact, the best lesson to be learned from this election, from a climate politics perspective, is that good, concerted, effective campaigning for clean energy can be a true political winner.

The three major victors in California this election -- Jerry Brown (governor), Barbara Boxer (senator), and the "No on 23" campaign -- all focused on climate and clean energy issues to generate a groundswell of popular support, instead of running away from the issue (I delved deeper into that notion earlier today: Climate & Clean Energy Can Win Elections). It's a model that can be looked to in the future to combat the rising tide of political opposition to expanding clean energy and taking climate action. And let's face it: We're going to need all the help we can get.

Brian Merchant is a freelance writer, blogger, and editor living in Brooklyn, NY.