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Election 2010: Live Results -- Hot News & Analysis

30-Year House Dem Loses ... Harry Reid wins ... Toomey + Kirk Win Senate Seats ... LA Times: Legal Pot Loses ... Reid Looking Good in NV

Catch AlterNet's midterm election results as they come in. We'll update this blog as races are called, with news and analysis from across the country.

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California's Simple Majority Budget Proposal Leading -- 10:11 PST

CNN: California Proposition 25: Budget Vote Requirement is leading 53-47: " If this constitutional amendment were adopted, state legislators would no longer need a two-thirds majority to pass a state budget. A simple majority would do. An exception to this rule would be any vote on tax increases."


30-Year House Dem Ike Skelton Loses in Missouri -- 9:50 PM  PST

Associated Press: "Democratic U.S. Rep. Ike Skelton is out after more than 30 years in Congress, losing his Missouri seat to Republican challenger Vicky Hartzler. The 78-year-old Skelton first won election to Congress in 1976, rising to chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. He's built a reputation as a military expert and social conservative in a district that normally tilts toward Republicans. But Hartzler linked Skelton to President Barack Obama and Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She said he had lost touch with his district by voting with Democratic congressional leaders 95 percent of the time."


Harry Reid Beats Angle

HuffPo: "Harry Reid has defeated Sharron Angle in Nevada's closely fought Senate race, according to Fox News."


Mark Kirk and Pat Toomey Win

Two GOP pick ups in the Senate says the NYT, Mark Kirk in Illinois and Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania.

LA Times: Prop 19 Goes Down

LA Times: "Prop. 19, the measure to legalize marijuana in California, drew its strongest support from voters under 25 years old, Democrats and big-city-dwellers. But the California exit poll also found that opposition to the initiative was widespread. The Bay Area was the only region that tilted toward the measure -- and just barely, at 51% to 49%. It lost 54% to 46% in Los Angeles County, and 59% to 41% in the rest of Southern California."


Reid Looking Good in Nevada

NYT: We've finally gotten some votes in from Nevada. They're early ballots, it looks like, and they're from Clark County, home to three-quarters of the state's population, where Harry Reid has a roughly 12-point lead over Sharron Angle. By contrast, Barack Obama won Clark County by 19 points in 2008, when he won Nevada by 12.5 points over all. If you extrapolate those numbers -- the Democrat performs 6-7 points worse in the whole of Nevada than he does in Clark County -- it suggests that a 12-point margin in Clark County would be enough for Mr. Reid to carry Nevada by a couple of points. But there are several caveats. First, we don't know if the results of live ballots will match those of early ones. Second, rural turnout might be comparatively higher in this election than it was in 2008. Still, that is not a bad number for Harry Reid, which is why trading markets now think the race slightly favors him."

Paladino Brings Baseball Bat to Concession Speech

HuffPo: Carl Paladino, erstwhile Republican candidate for New York governor who lost tonight to Andrew Cuomo, used his concession speech as an occasion to wave a baseball bat around and cry, "You have not heard the last from Carl Paladino."

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