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8 Big Reasons Why Carly Fiorina Would Be a Disaster in the Senate

Fiorina ranks as the 19th worst CEO in American history. Where did she get the gall to run in the first place?

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Fiorina's confusion over weather and climate change not only goes against the majority of worldwide science on the matter, but also the CIA's own Center on Climate Change and National Security. "Fiorina’s first sentence — willfully pretending that being concerned about the threat of global warming is the same as being worried about whether it’s going to rain today — should disqualify anyone for higher office, especially in California," argued Climate Progress blogger and author Joseph Romm. Naturally, so should being in favor of off-shore drilling after the BP catastrophe. But Fiorina is both.

5. She supports Arizona's immigration crackdown. Fiorina called Arizona's noxious SB-1070, which codifies racial profiling and injustice, “necessary because the Federal Government isn’t doing its job and the people in Arizona are in danger.” That endorsement doesn't jibe with Fiorina's plan to win Latino voters, nor with the reality that California, the most populous state in America, is barely 40 percent white and will perhaps witness a Latino majority by 2020. Last-gasp crackers like Fiorina and the so-called Tea Party anachronists she's emulating, are making it hard for those of us who have no problem with California's demographics to live side-by-side in peace with people of color. The last thing Fiorina should be is given is a position of power, of any kind.

6. Fiorina's CIA service is not fit for public consumption. She may have argued that chairing an external advisory board for the Central Intelligence Agency is evidence of her desire to keep Californians safe, but the details on both claims are nonexistent. When California Watch fired off a Freedom of Information Access request asking for evidence of Fiorina's work with the CIA, it promptly received a box stuffed with 30 pages of blank paper. And no, that wasn't her California voting record. It was evidence that not only is Fiorina's record with the CIA a mystery, but that Americans do not have the rights to corroborate her electoral claims with that handy measuring stick called reality.

7. Even Silicon Valley Republicans have turned their backs on her. In a pioneering progressive state home to tech titans like Apple and Google, Californians are being asked to vote on Hewlett-Packard and eBay castoffs like Fiorina and Meg Whitman. But while fully loaded Republican activists from Silicon Valley like Alan Salzman are hot for Whitman, another crappy tech CEO, they're mostly fish-cold on Fiorina. Meanwhile, Google, Oracle, Intel and even HP have donated to Boxer, who is a trusted ally for Silicon Valley compared to Fiorina, who left it in disgrace. If you follow the local money, chances are you follow a trail that leads away from Fiorina in a fat hurry. But if you're looking for those who are funding Fiorina, try the embattled Chamber of Commerce, which has pumped nearly an astounding $5 million into Fiorina's campaign, more than double what it has spent on the Senate race in Florida.

8. She's failed to vote in 75 percent of California's elections since 2000, but still wants your vote. "I'm a lifelong registered Republican, but I haven't always voted, and I will provide no excuse for it," Fiorina admitted with a straight face in 2009. "You know, people die for the right to vote. And there are many, many Californians and Americans who exercise that civic duty on a regular basis. I didn't. Shame on me." We agree. Voters should reward Fiorina's voter inaction by not voting for her.

Given her spotty record so far, Fiorina willl kill local jobs and send them overseas, pay herself extremely well, continue to demonize the state's gays while offending sympathetic straights, criminalize its immigrant population, roll back California's progress on combating climate change, and much worse. If that's what you're looking for in a senator, then perhaps it's time to move to another state.

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