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Hey 20-Somethings -- Don't Sit on Your Hands and Let This Election Pass You By

Tuesday's mid-term deserves the millenials' participation just as much as the presidential election in 2008.

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Conventional political activism says we must make it costly to ignore the greater good... (Children, nature, peace). True, but why don't we also make it easier to act on their behalf?

I think we all know that the noise will not subside. Cognitive dissonance in our political lives will continue. The Tea Party has jumped on the human tendency to simplify, to create a stark choice between individual and collective identity. Their slogans are comforting but false.

The history of the world shows that communities of cooperators succeed. Even now, Tea Party candidates seem willing to rationalize inequalities that they'd find impossible to impose. Why? because they depend on the rest of us.

We have come to the point in our democracy where those that are extreme, consistent and well financed threaten to swamp our progress. This is not a time for ambivalence. Vote for the progressive candidate. Then take your hopes and make the change happen.

Lorelei Kelly is the director of the Real Security Initiative at the White House Project. She also blogs at

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