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19 Reasons Pot Should Be Legal

Prop 19, the CA initiative legalizing marijuana, benefits not just those who enjoy the herb, but the entire state of California and ultimately, the nation and the world.

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18.     To show the traditional political parties they aren’t responding to the people.  Candidates for the highest offices in California from  both major political parties refuse to endorse marijuana legalization  even though  more than half the citizens have used marijuana  and support its legalization  Prop 19 reminds the major parties that they are the servants of the people and the people’s will is sovereign.

For the Future

19.     To change the world.  Prop 19 is not just another California initiative.  Prop 19 is being watched in all fifty states and  throughout the hemisphere  as the “shot heard round the world” in ending the prohibition of marijuana. 

It’s up to you, California, to take that one small step for your state that will be one giant leap for the nation. Vote Yes on Prop 19!

Russ Belville is NORML's Outreach Coordinator.

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