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The Tea Party Candidates Are Religious Extremists Obsessed With Sex, Abortion, Religion -- Why Doesn't the Media Get That?

Why doesn't the media understand that the Tea Parties are not just about "fiscal responsibility?"

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And which has focused on the fact that while so-called grassroots say one thing, the candidates are obviously ultra-right wing conservatives getting support from ultra-right wing conservatives from within and outside the formal structures of the Republican Party. 

It is not hyperbole to say that we have a religious war underway today, and it is in fact a new Christian crusade, a crusade based on ideas about society no less fundamentalist in nature than is the Taliban and the most radical elements of politicized Islamists.  This war is enabled by the media writ large every time one of them goes on air or is quoted as if their ideas were not dangerous and without any context of where their support is coming from.  These folks are talking about "social issues," and lots of other things about which we should be deeply and profoundly concerned.  The media just isn't listening and certainly isn't looking.

"Grassroots" folks who affiliate with the Tea Party may not articulate social issues as their priority, at first. But it's time to stop asking the question about whether the Tea Party is "about social issues," just as it is long past time to ask whether the Republican party believes in fiscal responsibility (Ans: No).  To do so is naive or simply irresponsible journalism.  To paraphrase Matthew: By their leaders ye shall know them.

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