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Generation Hot: Meet the Kids Who Are Fated to Spend the Rest of Their Lives Confronting the Impacts of Climate Change

No matter how many solar panels, electric cars and other green technologies, the fact remains that more severe climate change is locked in for decades to come.

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Many members of Generation Hot are active in the climate fight, but they cannot succeed without much more help from their elders. The threat of nuclear annihilation -- the other great peril of the last fifty years -- called forth a powerful movement of parents, especially mothers, that eventually helped convince the superpowers to choose a safer course. Now, parents across the country and around the world should mount a similar campaign to preserve a livable future for our children, the precious young people of Generation Hot.

Mark Hertsgaard , the environment correspondent for The Nation, is the author of six books, including "Earth Odyssey: Around the World In Search of Our Environmental Future." His next book is called, "Living Through the Storm: How We Survive the Next 50 Years of Climate Change."

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