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We Need Your Ideas: A Call for Direct Action in the Climate Movement

We're going to have to build a movement much bigger than anything we've built before. That movement is our only real hope, and we need your help to plot its future.

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Note too that though this letter comes from just three environmental groups, we want this fight open to everyone. We'll happily work with any organization that shares our goals and tactics as plans go forward; in fact, we think that breaking down boundaries between groups is key to any chance at success. We'll do our best to reach out, but please make sure you let us know you want to be involved.

We've set up a special email address for ideas: climate.ideas@gmail.com. By late autumn, we hope we'll have been able to mine those ideas and start coming up with coherent plans for actions starting next spring.

We know this strategy won't appeal to all of you. That's fine; there are a thousand other useful ways to help, and we don't want to distract anyone from other work they're doing. But if you have ideas, send them in. It's clear to us that this is going to be a battle for the long haul, and we're going to need to be creative and committed. Thanks much for being a big part of it.

Environmentalist and author Bill McKibben is the founder of 350.org, an international climate campaign. Phil Radford is executive director of Greenpeace USA . Rebecca Tarbotton is executive director of Rainforest Action Network .

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