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The Right Wing Has Made It Next to Impossible for Many Women to Get Abortions

For many women, getting access to abortion has become extraordinarily difficult. Conservatives' plan is to make it impossible.

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All of that -- and abortion is "too easy"? As if those obstacles weren't enough, there is also the state-mandated shame.

We condemn other societies that publicly shame women. Sometimes we invade them, and we claim to liberate their women. We brag about it. It's what gives us the right to say we are better. It's how we justify acts of war. We're making their lives better. Easier.    

But in this country, the American Taliban engages in its own form of public shaming and punishment. They stand outside health clinics and terrorize women. Sometimes they set clinics on fire. Sometimes they set bombs. Sometimes they assassinate doctors. And those members of the American Taliban who hold elected office are constantly inventing new, burdensome restrictions and new methods of emotional manipulation and shame.

Look at this picture of your baby. Listen to its heartbeat. Look at this picture of a fetus at eight months. Your baby would look like that. Do you really want to end its life? Do you really want to cause it pain? Would you at least like to ease its pain a little before you kill it? Go home and think about it first. Think about your baby. Here, take this picture with you.

Too easy?

If it were any easier, American women wouldn't be able to have abortions at all. But then, that’s the point, isn’t it?