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How Corporations Make Profits by Associating Themselves with Charitable Causes

Companies like Starbucks have figured out that they can make more money by attaching their profits to causes that people care about.

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I think these lines are more actual than ever. Nice as it sounds, basic income, or this kind of a trade with the rich, is not a solution.

There is, for me, another series of problems. This is for me the last desperate attempt to make capitalism work for socialism: let's not discard the evil, let's make the evil itself work for the good. 30, 40 years ago, we were dreaming about socialism with a human face. As it is today, the outmost, radical horizon of our imagination is global capitalism with a human face. We have the basic rules of the game, we make it a little bit more human, more tolerant, with a little bit more welfare.

Let's give to the devil what belongs to the devil, and let's recognize that, in the last decades at least, until recently, at least in Western Europe. I don't think that in any moment in human history such a relatively large percentage of population live in such a relative freedom, welfare, security, and so on.

I see this gradually, but nonetheless seriously, threatened.

I'm just saying that the only way to save the [cherished values of liberalism] is to do something more. I'm not against charity in an abstract sense. Of course it's better than nothing. Just, let's be aware that there is an element of hypocrisy there. .For example, of course we should help the children. It's horrible to see a child whose life is ruined because of an operation which costs twenty dollars. But, in the long term, you know, as Oscar Wilde would have said, if you just operate on the child then they will live a little bit better, but in the same situation which produced them.

Slavoj Zizek is a philosopher and critical theorist, and author of many books .

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