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Feederism: Cramming Yourself with Food Is the Latest Sexual Fetish to Sweep the Nation

We've all had fantasies linked to oral pleasures. Now, increasing numbers of people are making those fantasies central to their sexual experience.

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(Ever been to a party where you had to eat some birthday cake to make the hostess happy? Torture, wasn’t it?)

“As for the fixation on getting bigger, from a psychological viewpoint,” he says, “one of the most remarkable things a human body does is tumesce and when you think about a penis that’s a couple of inches long that can suddenly get to be six inches long and a great deal thicker that’s a pretty remarkable bodily reaction! With the penis it’s more conspicuous than with clitoral and vaginal tumescence, but it is a thing some people can get fixated on.”

Watching a person get bigger can be surreal in films (think Mr. Creosote in Monty Python’s Meaning of Life). On the Dimensions Web site I came across a photo of Violet Beauregard , the famous “blueberry girl” from the first film version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

“And it’s fascinating to me that it’s in cartoons (and other children’s fare) that some of these sexual fantasies surface,” Dr. Barratt says.

One other way the getting-bigger fantasy can assert itself in early childhood is a fascination with pregnancy.

“Your mother’s belly gets bigger and bigger and bigger and then she may tell you something incomprehensible like, ‘There’s a baby inside,’ where you know damn well that what’s inside is the food you put in your mouth,” Dr. Barratt says. This can be very influential if your mother’s pregnancy occurs “at a critical psychological age, like three where these things are understandable but incomprehensible but very exciting at the same time.”

Dr. Barratt says he’s had a number of male patients who have mixed feelings regarding a partner’s pregnancy, which he sees as based in the conflicting feelings surrounding pregnancy in childhood.

The interesting thing about fetishes is the search for a cause. “No one who ever has a fetish can ever tell you why it is …but then actually if you think about it sexual desire as a whole is totally mysterious,” Dr. Barratt says. “Think about the last thing that turned you on, say, a guy in a leather jacket … Why him? Well, you like guys in leather jackets. Why? And inevitably when trying to say why anything is sexy, you find yourself saying, it just is!"

Liz Langley is a freelance writer in Orlando, FL.