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10 Shameless Right-Wing Tributes to Ayn Rand That Should Make Any Sane Person Blush

As the evangelical Right's influence has declined, conservatives are adhering to another religion -- one based on the scribblings of a sociopath.

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Back to Brook and Watkins: Firms like GM are the real looters, they say, because they're given to "demanding tax dollars to prop up their failing companies." Firms like Apple, conversely, are producers because "don't need special favors, only freedom."

Of course Apple, like a lot of companies, isn't averse to government largesse -- and usually gets it by going into a downturned local economy and demanding tax breaks,  as it did in North Carolina.

Meanwhile the "looter" GM has not only managed to keep most of its workers -- who otherwise would probably have been scattered to the winds by bankruptcy -- it just posted its  second straight quarterly profit after years of losses, and plans an IPO to pay off its bailout.

A business and the little looters who work for it, both pulled out of disaster with the help of the government! In you're a Randroid, it's the worst possible outcome.

4. Mancouch, 'Atlas Shrugged and My New Preferred Woman'

With single-chromosome sites like Mancouch ("stuff for guys"), you can't always tell whether the writers are kidding. But I poked around, so to speak, and Mancouch seems legit, with tried-and-true testosterone-rich titles like " Indian Women are Underrated" and " Tips for Attracting Hot Women: Does it really work?" (There's nothing more butch than contempt for subject-verb agreement!)

Mancouch's Atlas Shrugged essay starts smoothly enough -- the author is turned on by Dagny Taggart, because she's "smart, respectable, and a strong willed woman." We've all been there, right, fellas?

But then the author admits, "this kind of woman is something I have never really encountered before." Well, of course you haven't, guy -- she's a fictional character, written by a pillhead blowhard. But he can't let it go: He doesn't want the kind of "whore or drunken slut" he normally gets -- he wants Dagny! And life has cruelly deprived him of her, he explains as we slowly back out of the room:

This book is illuminating me to my own wants and needs. I want a woman who will challenge me... both physically and intellectually... there is something truly desirable about a woman who has a great deal of self respect... especially in today's filthy dumpster of what we call the dating world.

You know, I think if this fella ever did hook up with Dagny, there'd be fireworks. Or at least gunfire.

5. Objectivism Online forum's debate about whether .9999999999 = 1

Objectivism Online is a fun site -- go to the main page, and you'll find links to the sort of thing you'd expect: A guy complaining that  his essay on detective fiction was rejected because of Marxism, an argument that cap and trade will " destroy America," etc. It's good fun for wingnuts, with a little side of Rand to spice up the dish.

But burrow down into the forums, and there you'll find the true Randroids sitting cross-legged around a copy of  The Fountainhead like it was a Ouija board, engaging in the sort of debates most of us long ago left in our dorm rooms along with the stems and seeds.

One of Rand's big philosophical tenets/laugh-lines is "A=A" -- that is, nothing can be anything but what it is. That seems to be the inspiration for this recent post in the forum, " But what does .9999999999... MEAN?":

Before discussing if .999... is or is not 1 (or equal to 1), we must specify and agree about what we do mean by this string of signs, the mysterious part being the three dots at the end...

Post after post after post in the thread goes on like that. But the kicker actually comes in the frontispiece:

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