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Why "Eat, Pray, Love" Makes Me Want to Gag

Do we need another movie about a self-centered Westerner squeezing one-dimensional natives for exotic food, wisdom, and spirituality?

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Is it because they all start with I?

I, I, and I.

Not inappropriate for a film that is ultimately about Me, Myself, and I. I travel therefore I am.

Nothing drove that home better than what happened after the screening ended. I went down in an elevator crammed with radiant women, all discussing when they teared up during the film, and how much they related to it, and its message of opening yourself up to the world. There was one woman in a wheelchair in the elevator. After we reached the lobby, the women, still chattering, marched out into the chilly San Francisco night. The woman in the wheelchair remained stranded behind the heavy doors.

Sandip Roy ( is host of "Upfront," the Pacific News Service weekly radio program on KALW-FM, San Francisco.

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