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Men Who Think They Should Control Their Girlfriends' and Wives' Bodies

Some men think they should control their partners' decision to have a child, a dangerous attitude bolstered by the Christian Right's "reclaim masculinity" crusade.

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Likewise, the first group of men, those who were in the clinic with their girlfriends, holding their hands, comforting them or even making them laugh, displayed real love and commitment between two people. For the most part, you could tell they had come to a decision together and were there to support each other.

Certainly, as a man, I can understand the desire to feel a part of my girlfriend’s life and hope to someday play an active role in the decision of having a child. But people like Bauer who make men out as the victims of abortion are attempting to justify the continued segmentation of women into unequal relationships.

There is something to be said about creating an environment where men and women in relationships shape their reproductive destiny together. However, the answer is not ratcheting up the already high level of control and power men exhibit over women—it’s about truly empowering women and stopping the process of intimidation and the physical and emotional abuse they endure when it comes to decisions about their bodies and futures.

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