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Why the BP Disaster Threatens to Expose Fox News' Insanity to Its Right-Wing Audience

"I'm wondering if Fox News isn't pressing up very closely to its tipping point; to the moment where Fox News reveals how certifiably insane it is by rushing to BP's defense."

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I'm referring instead to a collective realization among people outside Fox News and the GOP Noise Machine that there's something fundamentally wrong with a so-called news organization siding with BP after what the oil giant has done to the Gulf of Mexico and the reckless, cavalier way it has ruined the livelihoods of countless of residents.

That there's something just plain wrong and illogical in being so robotically ant-Obama that the Fox News team would consciously side with today's version of Public Enemy No. 1 and insist, with complete conviction, that it's the president of the United States who's to blame for the big oil disaster, and it's the president of the United States who should be attacked, smeared, and ridiculed for getting BP to set aside $20 billion in damages.

The tipping point could come when everyday Americans, as well as mainstream reporters, observe the right-wing media's radical embrace of BP (fueled by all-consuming Obama Derangement Syndrome), look at each other and utter various equivalents of, "WTF?"

Because not only is Fox News in effect defending BP, but it's using the occasion of the $20 billion agreement to depict Obama as some sort of monster bent on destroying America. How? By holding BP financially responsible.

Again, you can almost hear the "WTF's" as the realization of the Fox News attack campaign sinks in. Rupert Murdoch's channel is siding with BP over the United States???

You better believe it. From Fox News' Andrew Napolitano:

I think you could argue that the government is, in large measure, responsible for this mess.

The reason I'm (perhaps naively) suggesting there may soon be a collective A-ha moment about Fox News with regard to its defense of BP, whereas the channel's outrageous programming in the past has not triggered that kind of response, is that this is different because it's not about politics. That Fox News will relentlessly attack Obama and Democrats about every conceivable issue is, at this point, a given -- Fox News functions as the Opposition Party.

But the BP disaster, and the callous disregard for how it was handled by the oil company, is different. The environmental fiasco very much resembles an attack on the United States by a foreign entity. (An act of eco-terrorism, if you will.) And common sense tells us that that should never be a partisan issue. And common sense dictates that no sane person would side with BP, let alone condemn the government for securing $20 billion in private funds to pay for the disaster.

Or would they?

It's difficult to put into words just how isolated and extreme the right-wing media's embrace of BP has been over the last week. It's mind-bending that a major political movement in this country, driven by its media "news" outlets, would rush out onto the battlefield of public debate in order to plant its flag alongside BP, even as the incompetent petroleum giant remains unable to turn off the underwater gusher that is destroying the Gulf of Mexico.

And yet turn on Fox News or tune into Rush Limbaugh or Mark Levin, or a whole host of other BP apologists, and get a daily earful about how BP is being unfairly maligned and that Obama should be condemned for securing $20 billion in cleanup funds. (Keep in mind that no one associated with BP has ever suggested the White House bullied the company, or that BP was the victim of a "shakedown." No one.)

And yes, I realize some conservative loud mouths claim that just because they're attacking the White House over the $20 billion "shakedown," that doesn't mean they're defending BP, or that they agree with Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) and think the oil giant deserves an apology. But gimme a break. That's a distinction without a difference because even before the "shakedown" meme was launched late last week, the same right-wing outlets, including Fox News, were weeping hysterically at how the White House was trying to " demonize" little ol' BP, and how its poor executives were going to be paraded before Congress for a nasty "show trial." Meaning, the right wing's desire to throw its body in front of BP and protect it from alleged government abuse has been a constant for weeks now, and extends far beyond the "shakedown" defense.

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