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Why Sarah Palin Will Never Lead the Religious Right

Despite her claim to a conservative form of feminism, Sarah Palin will never lead the religious right for one simple reason: She's a woman.

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With Palin's ascension followed by that of other conservative Christian Republican women, like South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley and Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle, the notion that women may one day run the religious right will gain more potency. The SBA List recently described Angle as a "frontier feminist," -- but that doesn't mean she's looking to take a man's place in the church. As conservative evangelical Christians, these women champion their unique female role; they're not clamoring for a chance to become the face of the religious right. Until they or other women do -- the frontier feminists and the Esthers of the religious right will continue to take an organizational back seat to the men who hold the reins.