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The LA Times Insults Obama Regularly

Why does one of the largest newspapers in the country allow its political writer to routinely disrespect the president in a casually insulting way?

Some people have no class.

Some conservatives suffer from such an acute case of Obama Derangement Syndrome that they can’t even debate the issues of the day with out resorting to childish name-calling. For instance, look at these insulting phrases one right-wing blogger has recently used to describe the president of the United States:

Pretty shallow. But what do you expect from amateurish, fringe bloggers, right?

Here’s the catch: The right-wing blogger in question doesn’t post his childish put-downs at RedState or any one of other feral, Obama-hating sites. The blogger quoted above works for the Los Angeles Times, once considered to be one of the most important, prestigious newspapers in the country in terms of political coverage. But no more. And that’s in part due to the work of Laura Bush’s former flack, Andrew Malcolm, and the way Times editors allow him to routinely use sneering, condescending language to describe the president of the United States -- language that clearly runs counter to the Times’ own published guidelines.

So my question is a simple one: Why does one of the largest newspapers in the country allow its political writer to routinely disrespect the president in a casually insulting way? To portray the president as some kind of punk. And second question: What exactly is it about Obama that drives Malcolm to use such oddly inappropriate and flippant language? Is it Obama’s youth? What?

Trust me, if Malcolm wants to make his living as a human RNC talking point, and publish as much misinformation as he can, that's certainly his right. (He’s quite proficient at it, BTW.) And obviously I'm not suggesting there's anything wrong with raucous debate. We do it at County Fair all the time. But what Malcolm does on top of that is routinely belittle and demean the presidency in a strange, and clearly unprofessional, manner that reflects quite poorly on the Times.

As Media Matters’ Jamison Foser noted previously:

It’s one thing to criticize the president or his administration for the things they do and say; that’s obviously fair game. But Malcolm’s treatment of Obama … is nothing more than childish name-calling, completely lacking in substance or reason. The only thing more odd than the LA Times’ sanctioning this petty little sniping would be if any of Malcolm’s readers find his tedious taunts amusing.

Remember when the Times was a serious, national newspaper? I do. Today, its political coverage, especially the stuff produced by its Top of the Ticket blog where Malcolm works, is often just excruciatingly lame. For some odd reason, the Times has decided to dumb down its political product and position its site as a Michelle Malkin wannabe, and in a way no other major newspaper in the country has done, nor would ever dream of doing.

Somewhere, former Times publisher Otis Chandler is turning over in his grave. Not just because of the hollow, right-wing politics of the Times' online political product. (Chandler was a proud liberal.) But because the product so uniformly sophomoric and dishonest. (i.e. It has nothing to do with journalism, or even opinion journalism.) The kind of relentlessly partisan, right-wing junk the Times site often produces, thanks to Malcolm, is just embarrassing for a national newspaper that used to win prestigious prizes -- for a newspaper that once had aspirations higher than landing a Drudge link and wallowing in online hate.

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