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Why Being Liberal Really Is Better Than Being Conservative

Liberals and conservatives don't just disagree about specific issues -- we disagree about core ethical values. Can a case be made that liberal values really are better?

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And you know what? I'll go even further.

I'm saying that any moral progress humanity has made over the centuries and millennia has been made, not in the direction of greater adherence to authority or purity or tribal/group loyalty, but in the direction of expanding our understanding and application of fairness and the avoidance of harm. I'm saying that, in every example I can think of where our morality is a clear improvement over the morality of the past -- democracy, banning slavery, religious freedom, women's suffrage, etc. etc. etc. -- the core values being strengthened have been the values of fairness and the avoidance of harm: the liberal values, the ones that can be applied to everyone.

I've been a proud liberal since I was old enough to make a choice. And now I'm prouder than ever. Because humanity's moral evolution has, in every instance I can think of, been in the direction of humanity becoming more liberal.

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