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Are Realistic Sex Dolls Creepy?

Pop culture has condemned men who use sex dolls as icky weirdos. But do they get an unfair rap?

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Some women also fret over the notion that dolls reinforce an unattainable beauty standard. While there are undoubtedly some individuals who would stick with “perfect” artifice over “imperfect” reality, be that artifice found in a doll or online porn or an anime poster, they’re far from being the majority. And sex and romance on the whole would be a less volatile arena if women could do men the good service of not assuming their default mode is emotionless, thoughtless, and superficial. Cupidon, who one day hopes to marry and have children, put it beautifully:

“[With a human partner], I don’t care much about age, skin color, or breast size. It’s the whole woman who creates the attraction.… A doll doesn’t have a personality, she can’t talk, can’t think, can’t be nice or funny, she can only be pretty. So she’d better be damn hot, since it’s the only thing she has. I know that dolls are just objects, and that human women deserve a lot of respect, so just the idea of comparing makes me uncomfortable. We compare them [only because] the goal of a sex doll is to make you think you’re having real sex.”

For Midiman, the soon-to-be owner of 14 dolls, it’s all pretty clear-cut: “No doll can hope to emulate a real female.”


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