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7 Tricks Teabaggers Will Use to Conceal Their Extreme Right-Wing Beliefs

The repackaging of the Tea Parties as forces of American virtue and pluralism, rather than angry right-wingers, is happening as we speak.

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In keeping with this strategy, the "white supremacist" in question (and there will be other videos of similar events released can mark my words) is a Tea Party activist. He is playing the role of the devil in their midst, a cancer to be conveniently exorcised as a way for the Tea Parties to demonstrate their love of diversity and colorblind politics. It is ironic then that the Tea Parties and the Right are sounding an alarm regarding the use of dirty tricks by the Left (conservatives such as Beck and Limbaugh assert that the progressives are masters of subterfuge and disruption). In the United States the truth has been that through programs such as Cointelpro, the forces of elite power and conservatism have spied on, disrupted, discredited, harassed and even killed members of left-leaning organizations.

The repackaging of the Tea Parties as tolerant and inclusive political organizations is happening as we speak. It will continue from its own momentum regardless of the facts on the ground. In much the same way that Dr. King has been reimagined by conservatives to be a Republican (notice how Glenn Beck, the Pied Piper of the Tea Parties, is increasingly appropriating both the language and symbolism of the Civil Rights Movement), the tea baggers will be depicted as forces of American virtue and pluralism. As this false flag operation continues to develop, here are a few things to watch for in the upcoming weeks:

  1. More coverage of the " racial diversity" of the Tea Parties. Expect to see the same talking heads and black and brown apologists trotted out on the major networks;
  2. The discussion of agent provocateurs will take on the weight of fact as opposed to speculation;
  3. There will be more videos of white supremacists, nativists and overt "Birthers" being thrown out of Tea Party rallies;
  4. Simultaneously, there will be a great deal of attention paid to "incidents" in which Palin supporters and tea baggers are assaulted by "anti-Tea Party" forces and "agents of the Obama regime";
  5. The right-wing media frame will continue to emphasize their longstanding narrative that conservatives and "real Americans" are "victims" of the Left and progressives;
  6. Similar to what happened with the ACORN pimp and prostitute scandal ( a fraud staged by Breitbart and company), the efforts to "infiltrate" the Tea Parties will be exposed as events planned by the Right;
  7. Loose lips sink ships: one of the "white supremacist" or other "agent provocateurs" will admit that they are on the payroll of someone semi-connected (for reasons of plausible deniability) to the right-wing media and/or political establishment.

Your predictions and thoughts? Pray tell, what does your crystal ball reveal for these coming weeks?

Christopher Deis is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Political Science at the University of Chicago. His work has appeared in the Chicago Defender, the Washington Post's Web site the Root, Culture Kitchen and Popmatters. He is a 2009-2010 visiting faculty member in the Department of Political Science at DePaul University.