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Why Would a Woman Pay for Sex?

Just because it’s not talked about doesn’t mean it’s not happening: Women, like men, are paying for sex. Here's why.

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Although single female clients are still regarded as the unicorn of the sex industry, change is in the air. The straight male escorts I spoke with all seemed convinced that demand for their services would grow in the coming years, and female audience members are already a fixture at strip clubs, where not long ago they were a novelty. Female porn consumption is now taken for granted and sex toy parties are de rigueur in many circles. At the moment, the vast majority of American women are ignorant of the sex-for-pay opportunities that exist for them, and those beginning to explore their options may be unhappy with the sampling (which, compared to the glut of service providers for male clients, is paltry), but both of those circumstances may soon be a thing of the past. As social sanctions lessen and financial freedom increases, women may well demand for themselves the sexual outlets men have been enjoying for centuries.

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