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Will Sen. Scott Brown Meet With Mass. Immigrant Youth Before April 17?

A delegation of Massachusetts youth want their new Senator's support for the DREAM Act.

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Requested Date (no open-ended requests): April 16 (Or anytime before April 17)

Suggested Time: 5:00 p.m.

Meeting Attendee(s) Name, City of Residence, Title and Affiliation (if requestor is attending, please include his/her information):  Leaders of Act on a Dream --- Kyle de Beausset (Cambridge, MA), Scott Elfenbein (Cambridge, MA), Melissa Tran (Cambridge, MA).  Leaders of the Student Immigrant Movement -- Isabel (Methuen, MA), Deiv (Dartmouth, MA), Renata (Brockton, MA)


Subject: Will Scott Brown Meet With Undocumented Youth Before April 17

Dear Jennifer Han,

It is my understanding that you are Director of Scheduling for Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown.  I am writing to ask that you please schedule a meeting with Sen. Brown and select immigrant youth from Harvard and across Massachusetts before April 17. 

The broken federal immigration system doesn't just affect immigrant youth, it affects all of us, native born and immigrant, documented and undocumented.  It affects the health of the Massachusetts communities Sen. Brown represents.  That is why I'm asking that Sen. Brown takes time out of his busy schedule to hear first hand from those that have been adversely affected.

This is urgent.  Undocumented immigrant youth in the United States are increasingly at risk of detention, deportation, and even death.  In the next couple of months, another generation of undocumented immigrant youth will graduate from high school, or even college, only to be relegated to the shadows.

One student from Harvard, Alan, whose story was covered in the Boston Globe, was forced to leave the United States in January, effectively barring him from ever returning to the the only country he's ever known as his home ( http://bit.ly/cUxQhO).  Another immigrant youth from Massachusetts, 19-year-old Gustavo Rezende recently committed suicide ( http://bit.ly/bWvnJX).

I'm asking that Sen. Brown meet with select immigrant youth from Harvard and the broader Massachusetts area before there are more stories he's unable to hear in person.  This affects all of us, and it's urgent that Sen. Brown hear the stories of immigrant youth now.

Kyle de Beausset is the founder of Citizen Orange and a co-founder of The Sanctuary .