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Immigration Reform: House Of Labor Marches With Immigrants

The complicated relationship between the forces fighting for immigration reform and the labor movement have been on display this week and will be on display this weekend.

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The hardest piece to figure out is future visas.  I think there’s a recognition we need workers in a variety of fields, I would argue at the top and bottom of the economy. The question is how do you make sure employers try to hire Americans first and that you have a flexible flow.

Josh Bernstein, who worked in immigration advocacy before joining SEIU as Director of Immigration, told the  Washington Times:

The vast majority of those in labor and the vast majority of those in business really desire to come up with a solution, a comprehensive solution, for immigration reform, because it’s good for the economy, and that’s good for all of us.

That sounds like two sides that can come up with a deal when and if they want really to.

Douglas Rivlin is a consultant and blogger and the former Director of Communication for the National Immigration Forum.